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Gap Frame Front to Back Shaft Presses
PUX Series
(Single Point)
(10-315 Tons)

P2X Series
(Two Point)
(100-315 Tons)

H Frame Presses
IXP-Front to Back Shaft H Frame Presses
(63-315 Tons)
PSU – Double Sided Left to Right Shaft Single Point Crank Presses (100-800 Tons)
PDU – Double Sided Two Point Crank Presses
(63-500 Tons)
P1E – Double Sided Single Point Eccentric Geared Presses (100-1000 Tons)
P2E- Double Sided Two Point Eccentric Geared Presses (200-630 Tons)
P4E – Double Sided Four Point Eccentric Geared Presses (200-800 Tons)
High Speed Presses
PDH Double Sided Two Point High Speed Presses (32-315 Tons)
PSH Double Sided Single Point High Speed Presses (16-32 Tons)
Notching Presses
PNC High Speed Motor Lamination Notching Presses (4-25 Tons)
Inclined / Inclinable Presses
GGI/GGP – Left to Right Shaft Gap Frame Permanently Inclined & Inclinable Presses (100-250 Tons)
PKC Double Sided Knuckle Joint Presses
(100-1000 Tons)
PSE Double Sided Crank High Energy Cold Extrusion Presses (100-315 Tons)
PFF- Friction Screw Presses (100-630 Tons)
Stack Turn Over Device
IMPACT Machine’s GGI/GGP-Series, C Frame, G-Series Inclinable/Permanently Inclined up to 30 degree, Left to Right Crank Shaft, Adjustable/Fixed Stroke, Single Geared, Mechanical Power Press, as per specifications, duly Stress Relieved Frame, equipped with Pneumatically Operated Friction Clutch and Brake Unit, Auto Grease Lubrication System, Hydraulic Overload Safety cum Jam Release Device(Optional), Motorized Inclination system, Motorized slide adjustment with die height indicator with a least count of 0.1 mm, Pneumatically balanced Slide, Digital Production Counter, Dual Solenoid Safety Valve, suitable electricals including latest electro-pneumatic Safety Controls, Programmable Logic Control with man machine interface (MMI) (Optional).
160 Tons Inclinable Press
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